Third grade has shown great manners in the cafeteria!

I am so proud of our third graders at lunch. They have displayed good manners and we are enjoying listening to the classical music. Mrs. Dickson has been impressed with the behavior as well!!! I can’t wait until students earn some music they can sing along with on Friday! Let’s work hard to meet our goal. Way to go third grade!!!

4 thoughts on “Third grade has shown great manners in the cafeteria!

    • Haha! Don’t know what music Alisha is going to pick for Friday if they earn it…..but she has set up a microphone and I might just decide to sing to the kids! You never know what’s gonna happen on Friday at lunch! That’s something to look forward to!

  1. That is great news! Way to go third grade! If Mrs. Bybel sings, I have to be there to hear it! Third grade keep up the good work!

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